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Handcheck is a flavor that I came up with when sponsoring a cloud competition for the Dripping MiSpFiTz of Austin Texas. It was a culmination of flavors that the group mentioned they would want to see in a Cloud Juice. This is one of the unique cloud juices that actually gets more flavorful, with more heat.

It is a Complex blend of Strawberry, White Chocolate cream, and Cherry to give a very flavorful and delicious Cloud experience. Available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg; it is truly a drippers delight.

Poised to be the premiere dripping line, this is the first of several flavors that will be offered by Wacky Vapes through the summer months.

As of right now you have to order this liquid from The Vapor Project in Austin Texas, but it will be available shortly with other stores and distributors.

mispfitz label 6mg

Ballz Out! is a flavor that was just me playing.  I wanted to make a lemon flavor, but didn’t want to have the acidity of a lemon or citrus.  It is a dripping juice, so it has to be gentle enough to drip.  Hence, there is no lemon in the juice.  However you will swear there is!!!  This juice is absolutely unique, and in my personal opinion completely unique.  I enjoyed it so much I vaped through the control beta, so I had nothing to compare to except my memory.  Hope you guys enjoy, and it should launch in mid to late JUNE.

Balls Out 6mg
The latest edition to the party is #HASHTAG, ANd this flavor I wanted to be complex but still a dripping liquid.  And I think I accomplished that.  I am not going to ruin it, I AM NOT GOING TO RUIN IT other than to say, It is great dripping and is crazy how complex a high VG juice can be.

Hashtag 6mg


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